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Sports Accident Insurance

What does the Sports Accident insurance covere me for?

The Sports Accident policy is structured to provide a core level of coverage and benefits with a principal sum of $50,000 per member.

This broad coverage will cover the member for loss of limbs, fracture, dislocation, tendon severance of limbs, loss of eye sight, speech, and many other miscellaneous conditions and even accidental bodily injury or death sustained by a member due to external violent, sudden, fortuitous causes beyond the member's control..

The Accident Policy pays for medical bills on behalf of injured member such as.

  • Dental Accident Reimbursement 
  • Dentures, Removable Teeth, Hearing Aids, Eyeglass and Contact Lenses 
  • Emergency Transportation 
  • Family Transportation 
  • Medical Expense Reimbursement
  • Prostethetic appliances 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Repatriation 
  • Tuition Benefit
  • Weekly Income $100 (waiting period 30 days) 

This coverage is secondary to any other heath care plan(s). Expenses eligible under any other healthcare plan(s) must be submitted to that plan(s). Your Accident Policy will pay only the amount of expenses that are not eligible with any other insurer. Only claims up to the maximum benefits of the policy will be considered for payment. Explanation of benefits from other insurer, must accompany eligible expenses when submitting. You must have required and received medical /dental treatment commencing within 30 days of the accident. Insurance provider must receive notice of your accident within 30 days of the accident date and claim documentation within 90 days from the date of accident.

Who is covered?  


Any active member of Cycling Canada (CC) participating as a player member, manager, coach or Official of the CC in practice or competition which is a sanctioned or approved activity organized under the supervision and direction of CC; or being transported with other player members of CC as a group to or from the place of such practice or game; all under the supervision and direction CC.


Conditions to be met:

i)       Confirmation of Cycling Canada membership from your affiliated Provincial /Territorial association.

ii)      The CC accident insurance covers medical expenses associated with injuries caused while participating in CC sanctioned and/or approved activities and is in excess of provincial health programs and private insurance.
iii)     Must be received within 90 days 


What activities are covered? 

All sanctioned and approved cycling activities. All activities must be documented and approved by the Provincial Association, Club President or Executive or NCCP certified Coach. If you require further clarification contact your Provincial / Territorial Cycling Association. 

Schedule of Insurance

This plan covers all accidents to: 

a)          Members participating in a practice or competition in the sport;

b)    Members being transported with other player members and group to or from the place of such practice or game; which is organized under the direction of the Insured; 

c)      Members while riding as a passenger, boarding or alighting from a flight on a multi engine transport type aircraft operated by a licensed airline

Schedule of Benefits

For Schedule of Benefits ---> click here 

Does the policy provide 24 hour coverage?

No. Coverage is to and from the activity or event. Coverage is provided only while participating in Club acitivites, training programs, sanctioned events, competition and traveling to and from the program which is approved by and under the supervision of proper authority of the CC..



Is a member covered if they train on their own time?


No. Coverage does not apply to training without the PRIOR written consent of the Provincial Association, Club or NCCP certified Coach.


Is a member covered if they train under the supervison of a NCCP certifed coach?

Yes you are covered provided you are following a written and approved CC training program signed by the NCCP certified coach? IF a NCCP certified coach is not available you must have your Provincial affliate or CC approval. 

What are NCCP certified Coaches covered for?

As a NCCP certified coach you are covered for Liability,Profressional Liability and even Sexual abuse claims made against you for the liabilities to third parties (including club members) that you instructed.


What is the deducible for Sports Accident coverage?


The deductible is NIL.


Is there any age restriction for Sports Accident Accident coverage?



The is NO age restriction for Sports Accident coverage.




This summary does not in and of itself provide coverage and it is subject to the terms and conditions which are set forth in the policy. It is intended only to provide basic details of coverage that are fully described in the actual Policy issued. In the event of any inconsistency, the actual policy will prevail. Questions about the Policy can be directed to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.