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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is covered?

Only registered members in good standing with Cycling Canada (CC)are covered under the Cycling Canada's liability and accident policies. To become a registered member please contact your Provincial / Territorial cycling association.

Coverage shall not apply to any liability by any participant who is a non member except when an activity with non members participating has been reported on the Commercial Event Application and a premium is charged.

Non members can be signed up as a club member at the time of an event as long as waivers are signed, insurance premium collected, and these individuals are included in the reported membership numbers to the provincial Association for the insurance program.

One Day event memberships are covered for liability only. The accident coverage is not included.

What are NCCP certified Coaches covered for?

As a NCCP certified coach you are covered for Liability,Profressional Liability and even Sexual abuse claims made against you for the liabilities to third parties (including club members) that you instructed.



What does abuse coverage protect me from?

This provides  coverage against damages a club member becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of a liability loss arising out of any actual or threatened abuse, molestation or harassment whether it is physical or mental.


What is a club ride/event?

Club rides must be documented and on record with your Provincial Association. A list of participants must be on file with the club. This can be done via sign on sheet. In the event of an incident, the insurers need to access this information.

Should an event organizer arrange Event Insurance?

When the event is open to non-members and/or includes non-cycling activities such as alcohol, overnight camping etc. Third Parties can be named as Additional Insureds but only with respect to the operations of the Named Insured. In other words, if and Additional Insured (Third Party) is drawn into a suit as a result of the actions of the Named Insured (CC) the Additional Insured would be defended. The policy would not however pick up any liabilities or actions of this Third Party. The Third Party should secure their own separate coverage for their activities and should be providing the CC with evidence of Insurance.

What is liability insurance?

No matter how careful you are accidents happen, and individuals can be sued by anyone who claims injury or damages resulting from your activities. You may not be liable, but you will need to be defended in court. Liability insurance will pay for this defense as well as any costs awarded against you.

The general liability policy arranged with Aviva Insurance through Gameday Insurance. The limit for the policy is $5,000,000 and the deductible is $2,500 for bodily injury, property damage, and legal defense.

What is accident insurance?

The accident policy is arranged with Aviva Insurance through Gameday Insurance. It provides coverage for specified losses and medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained to Cycling Canada registered members during sanctioned events and approved activities. Please note that such a loss must occur with in 365 days from the date of the injury. Examples of losses and the payable amount include: life $20,000, permanent loss/dismemberment $20,000, blanket dental $5,000.

Does the policy provide 24 hour coverage?

No, only while participating in a training program, sanctioned tour, competition and traveling to and from the program which is approved by and under the supervision of proper authority of the Provincial / Territorial Association or Club of which the insured is a member..

Is a member covered if they train on their own time?

No, coverage does not apply to training without the PRIOR written consent of the Provincial / Territorial Association, club or NCCP certified coach OR it has been approved as a Sanctioned Activity.

How do I make and accident claim?

To submit an accident claim please complete the following forms :

Standard Accident Reporting Form available on this website

Once these forms are completed they can be submitted by fax, email or Canada post to the following address:

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.
3100 Steeles Ave. East Suite 101
Markham ON L3R 8T3

Important information regarding accident claims:

Notification of claims must be submitted within 30 days of the incident occurring.

Claims paperwork must be signed and completed by the individual claimant or their parent/guardian before they can be considered.

All notification of claims must be signed off by a team official or executive.

All accident claims maintain a one year time limit from the date of the incident.


The following questions are specific to CLUBS



What is the definition with respect to a member of the insurance program.?


The insurance is based on the “reported” members names on file with the CC and the Provincial / Territorial Association. The membership numbers are reported to the office of Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. by the CC for each Provincial / Territorial Association.



What is a Club Ride/Event?


Club rides are documented rides on record with your Provincial / Territorial Association.



What happens when a non-member joins a club ride in progress or a non-member participates in a club event/ride.


Non-members are not covered under the policy, therefore there is no coverage for the individual joining the ride. This is a risk management issue. The clubs are not aware of the caliber of non-member riders and therefore, they should request the rider leave the group claiming possible insurance issues. This may jeopardize the club’s coverage, however this would have to be decided in a court of law.



.. What is a Recreation Club?

.. What is a Competitive Club?

These guidelines are set by your Provincial Association and you should check their websites.



Can a non-member be signed up as a club member at the time of event?


Yes, As long as the waivers are signed, membership and insurance premium collected, these individuals are included in the reported membership numbers to the Provincial Association for the insurance program.


Note: 1) This does not apply to Tours or Commercial Events with non-members where a Certificate Request form has been submitted to the Provincial Association and an event premium is charged. The non-members would only be covered for the specific event.


Note 2) One Day Event memberships have Liability Coverage only. The Accident Coverage is not included.


What circumstances should an event organizer arrange event insurance?


When event is open to non-members and/or includes non-cycling activities.


If a rider pays a one day fee (one day licence) to the club for a ride with the intention that they would become full members?


The policy covers members only, therefore if an incident occurs it is open to interpretation and records if the Province/Club records show the person as a member and they would have to be included in the reported Province memberships for which the “insurance“ premium is based on. For this reason it is imperative that these be reported.


Are the bicycles and riding equipment of a rider covered?


No, personal belongings of members are not covered.


Note: The aforementioned information and description of coverages is for informational purposes only. For exact policy wordings, conditions, and exclusions please refer to the actual policy.