Cycling Canada

National Insurance      Program  




Program Overview

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. has worked closely with the Cycling Canada to provide a National Insurance program for members in good standing with Cycling Canada and/or it's Provincial / Territorial affliates (excluding BC and Quebec).

Cycling Canada negotiates the overall insurance program on behalf of the participating P/T Associations. The P/T Associations in turn administer the program, on a day-to-days basis, as it related to members, affiliated clubs and sanctioned events.

Designed exclusively for Cycling Canada, this program is intended to protect all events, clubs, teams, their members, players, coaches, officials, managers, directors, officers, auxiliary workers, employees, volunteers and administrators for all Cycling Canada sanctioned events and /or approved activities. Sanctioned events and approved activites include but are not limited to club rides, club meetings, competitions, organized training and camps, events, seminars, clinics, fundraising activities and tours abroad for the membership.

How are Members Protected?

Now more than ever, legal expense is a major concern to team members, coaches, referees, managers, directors and officers, employees, volunteers and administrators involved with sports.

Insurance is provided for:

i) Comprehensive General Liability including Professional liability and participants while participating in the organizational sanctioned activities and events.

ii) Sports Accident Death & Dismemberment

iii) National and Provincial Association D & O Insurance

iv) Optional

Excess Medical Travel Insurance incl Out of County
Club D & O Insurance
Trade Team Insurance
Coach Professional Liability and General Liability
Special Events incl International
Sports Complexes


1)   This summary does not in and of itself provide coverage and it is subject to the terms and conditions which are set forth in the policy. It is intended only to provide basic details of coverage that are fully described in the actual Policy issued. In the event of any inconsistency, the actual policy will prevail.

2) This website is provided for informational purposes to explain insurance provided by Cycling Canada.

3) This insurance program commences on January 1 each year and expires on December 31.

4) Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. has arranged this insurance program to provide benefits to those registered members in good standing with CC who, through injury or accident, incur financial loss and who would otherwise not have received assistance. The program seeks to provide benefits to those most exposed and to maintain protection at the lowest possible cost to membership. It therefore cannot provide 100% cover or a benefit for every loss that occurs.

5) CC are not and do not represent themselves as licensed insurance brokers by endorsing the products outlined in this website.